Find the perfect music teacher for you or your child

Colette J

Guitar, Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Dulcimer

Hannah S.

Piano, Voice, Ukulele, and Harp

Sally J.

Violin, Piano

Juan P.

Guitar, Piano, Voice, English & Spanish

Scott G.

Drums, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Banjo

Carlos G.

Piano, Voice, Violin, Theory

Earl S.

Drums, Piano, Voice

Jason K.

Bass, Guitar, Theory, Ukulele

Jennifer M.

Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Trumpet

Paul L.

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Sean D.

Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano

Steven C.

Guitar, Piano, Drums

Tony F.

Piano, Vocal, English & Spanish

Beth C.

Piano, Theory

Diane M

Piano, Guitar, Drums, Voice, Violin, Sax, Trumpet

Frances C.

Cello, Violin

John K.

Piano, Theory


Piano, Guitar

Alex M.

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Engilsh or Spanish

Alison D.

Voice, Piano, Theory

Daylin L

Piano, Brass In Spanish only

Tara K.

Piano, Voice, Trumpet

Dan K.

Piano and all woodwinds

Heidi L

Piano, Violin, Voice